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How to find a great virtual assistant!

I am often asked how to find a virtual assistant (VA) that will be a good fit for your business and personal work style. 

The best ways to find a good VA are by referral or finding one who is a member of a larger virtual assistance organization, such as the International Association of Virtual Assistants http://www.ivaa.org.  VA’s who are active in industry-specific organizations tend to have more resources available to them to get a job done well.  Also, additional certifications can help indicate the credibility of a VA.  Champion Assistants, for example, has achieved the Ethics Check IVAA certification as well as the Real Estate Support Specialist IVAA certification.

When first contacting a VA, instead of e-mail being your first contact, invest the time in calling that person.  When you have them on the phone, ask a few questions about their experience, familiarity with the project you have in mind, availability, and most importantly, who will do the work.  Some VA’s work in a team, as Champion Assistants does.  If the work is going to a team member, ask about the qualifications of that person.  It is essential to build trust and a solid rapport with your VA since this could become a lasting relationship.  Always keep in mind; your VA wants your business to be more successful.  The more they are kept informed of goals, the more input and suggestions they can provide, and the more they can make your life easier!

Yours virtually,
Heather Nelson



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