Is a 4-hour work week attainable?

In 4-hour workweek, Timothy Ferris talks about how building a team gets overwhelming because they become dependent on you for information that you keep stuck in your head.  The freedom truly comes when you make people completely responsible for completing a task, give them appropriate authority, and ownership for completing the task.  Being able to fully deligate is a skill most of us need to develop and put into practice.  In working with a VA, delegating is essential.  When you delegate, you put yourself in the position to do what you are best at, and allow another expert to take on the rest.

Also, using a VA saves time both initially and in the long-run.  Initially, you save time because you are dealing with a professional already trained on software and technologies needed for projects.  Plus, they have experience working on projects similar to yours with other clients.  In the long run, you save time because a VA is able to perform tasks for you as part of a routine process, and in so doing able to take on even more assignments from you.  You can really maximize efficiencies by communicating clearly and delegating anything you don’t have to do yourself.  With excellent delegation skills and a great VA, perhaps a 4-hour work week is possible!

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  1. Absolutely! Work for profits, not wages, and a 4-hour workweek is obtainable.


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