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How to Set and Reach Your 2008 Business Goals

2008 – A brand new year you can use to craft new goals and get your business moving along the path you define.  Right now we are helping a number of clients get back on track or steer in new directions by updating and following through with targeted marketing plans.  In a number of cases we update business plans that have been left on the side and help figure out what needs to go back on track and where the business plan needs to grow with the business.  It’s a great time to regain control of the reigns of your business!

Below are a few helpful tips that will get you started in the right direction.

Be specific when setting goals.  ‘Improve marketing strategy’ just won’t keep you focused.  Set goals such as review Google keywords once a month, post to blog 3 times a week, post to industry blogs once a week, send out a newsletter once a month, send favorite clients an appreciation card every quarter, etc.

It’s important that your goals are clear and measurable.  Instead of ‘increased sales of xyz products’, try being more specific.  Look at market trends and what is realistic for your target clients.  Consider defining specific goals such as “Increase revenue by 20% for product X by the end of the second quarter”.   Next, define how you will accomplish this task.  Does it mean revising your pricing, updating your marketing strategy, or redefining your target market?

Also, keep an eye on the future.  Where do you want your business to go, and where is it currently positioned to go?  It the answer isn’t the same to both parts of that question, it’s time to do some re-evaluating.  Notice trends in your industry and buying trends in your target market and tweak your business appropriately.  Now is a great time to review your business plan and decide if adjustments are necessary or if you strayed too far from your original goals.  Reviewing business plans quarterly is especially important during the first few years of business.

All of this can seem overwhelming.  Please feel free to contact me if you need help defining your goals and taking measured steps to reach them!


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