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Is it time to use a Shopping Cart on your website?

We’ve helped several clients transition from selling products via PayPal on their website to using a shopping cart. There are a number of shopping carts out there to choose from, such as 1 Shopping Cart or Kick Start Cart.

Shopping carts have monthly fees ranging from $40-$100, or more for sophisticated options. While many shopping carts come standard with a number of features such as order tracking, affiliates, auto-responders, and shipping calculators, it’s important to recognize if you need a shopping cart. If you do a significant portion of sales via the internet and you spend more than an hour a month tracking orders in an Excel sheet, then already it’s probably worth the investment. Shopping carts automate a number of activities that you spend valuable time trying to track. Also, it makes creating affiliates and using coupons so easy!

PayPal does seem to be going out of fashion as shopping carts become the norm. If you decide to use a shopping cart, I highly advise that you offer credit card processing capabilities. Most merchant accounts come with a web option and integrate easily with the shopping cart (although check first before signing up for a shopping cart account).

If you feel it’s time to upgrade to a shopping cart and need help setting it up and integrating it into your site, please let me know and I would be glad to help. We also provide ongoing support as information changes about your products, affiliates, special offers and the like. Certainly the best thing to do is offer potential clients as many easy ways to purchase from you as possible!


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One Response

  1. My mother’s online business uses a shopping cart and it was a big upgrade from PayPal. Much easier to use, too!

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