Seattle Chamber Annual Business Conference with Tom O’Keefe, Founder & Chairman of Tully’s

I attended the Seattle Chamber Annual Business Conference this week, and managed to take away quite a few helpful tips. The keynote speakers were Tom O’Keefe, Founder and Chairman of Tully’s, and Mary Mitchell, CEO of The Mitchell Organization. Tom O’Keefe admitted to visiting a Starbucks and Tully’s every day, and noted he learned quite a bit by being among Tully’s customers. He emphasized how important it is to “touch” your customers by doing things as simple as acknowledging them as soon as they come through the door. Just by greeting customers as they walk in, you reset their mental clocks so that waiting in line for three minutes feels like one. They feel acknowledged and welcomed. Tom O’Keefe also emphasized being consistent with the financial values of the day. To be a successful business owner, one needs to operate a business that is consistent with current financial values. That includes accounting practices, product and service selection, pricing, marketing strategy and even company policy regarding giving back to the community.

It’s inspiring to hear seasoned business owners speak about issues they face and issues that we all have in common. I highly recommend becoming involved with the Seattle Chamber or any other organization that offers high-caliber speakers and seminars.

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