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8 Easy Things to Delegate

8 Easy Things to Delegate

For those of you who are currently overwhelmed, here are some things to consider delegating:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Scheduling and Contact Management
  • Contact follow-up after events
  • Web updates
  • Online shopping cart management
  • Article submission
  • Website optimization
  • Blog posts and optimization

Anything you are currently doing that is not something only you can do is something that can be delegated to someone who enjoys doing it, is skilled at doing it and can do it faster.

If you feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure what to delegate or where to start, Champion Assistants would be happy to speak with you and answer questions. you can find out more through the website www.championassistants.com, e-mail info@championassistants.com, or call 425.821.2936.


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