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Is Your Business Perceived as Godiva or Hershey Kisses?

Studies have been conducted where chocolate tasters actually preferred ordinary Hershey’s Kisses over elegant Godiva chocolates. Imagine people preferring the taste of chocolates that come wrapped in foil and jumbled in a bag over hand-crafted chocolates carefully placed in a gold box! How can a $4.00 bag of Kisses win over a $40.00 box of Godiva chocolates, and if Kisses taste better, how does Godiva get away with charging more? Perceived value is the difference. How would you feel if someone presented you with a bag of Kisses versus a gold box of Godiva? Regardless of the actual chocolate taste, you would likely feel more special if someone gave you the Godiva box (perhaps you might even feel a bit insulte d by a bag of Kisses!). Hershey’s created chocolates people like to eat and Godiva created chocolates people like to give.

How you present your business has a tremendous impact on how your customers perceive your business. Your perceived value is largely based on how well you present what you do and what you offer. Whether your business is products or services based, if you can’t show your value in physical presentation or experience, you have a steep road ahead of you for attracting and keeping clients. Even more important, you need to come across as a Godiva so that your clients willingly refer you on. You may have the best products and services anywhere around, but if you can’t show this value you’re missing out on bigger opportunities.

If you want to present a stronger image and have your clients perceive a better experience, then it’s time to take a look inside. Evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and where energies are being wasted. If you are confident your products and services are just right for your target market, then it may be time to re-evaluate how you are presenting them and your business. Below are some guidelines for what you need to do to increase the perceived value of your business.

  • Differentiate your business from others. Be the uncommon offering!
  • Practice intentional congruence. Ensure that everything you do mimes and merges with everything else you do.
  • Connect all the dots. Check that your business processes are clearly defined and consistent with your business objectives.
  • Learn from others who have businesses you admire!

If you’ve become bogged down with to-do’s, Champion Assistants is here to help you define your business processes and implement methods that will increase your perceived business value. We’re at your service!


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