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5 Tips to Increase Book Sales

Everyone wants their book to be a success, but not everyone takes the time to ensure that success. If you’re going to put forth the effort to write a good book, take that same care in presenting it. Be active in marketing your work, and stay active. A book that gathers dust doesn’t sell.

Tip #1: Your book will be judged by its cover! If your book isn’t visually appealing, it won’t pull itself off the shelf. Make sure to use a good graphic designer and choose the right binding. No one wants to see a spiral bound book in a bookstore. The same goes for flimsy book covers that won’t hold up to repeated readings. Take your time in choosing the right cover, graphics, etc. for your market.

Tip #2: Dots you’re I’s and cross your T’s. Especially if you’re self publishing you need to make sure you have everything in order to make marketing a success. Do you have all the numbers for your book? Have you registered for a copyright? Have you registered your book in the literary world? I can’t tell you how important it is to have all this in order from the start.

Tip #3: Talk!!! Talk about your book. Blog about your book. Tell the world about your book. If you’re excited about the book everyone around you will be excited as well. Excited people talk!

Tip #4: Meet the press. Putting out a press release on your latest title might seem over rated, but let me tell you it’s a golden opportunity. The media can be a doorway into a market you didn’t consider when you were writing your book. Can you think of one person you know that isn’t touched by the media in one way or another every day?! Use that to your advantage.

Tip #5: Keep up the momentum! Just because your book has been out for three days, three months, or three years does not give you the right to stop marketing. When you stop so does the momentum you have built up. Keep talking about the topics in your book(s). There are always new readers and new target groups for your works.


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