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Improving Sales Through Social Interaction

Sales isn’t just about making money, it’s about building relationships. Business slows when companies forget the human factor. Businesses that maintain a connection with their customers thrive. Why is this? One of the basic fundamentals of human nature is a need for connections. When a connection is broken we feel it both physically and mentally.

The number one thing professionals forget is the importance of the human connection. Some of the best ways to maintain this connects are with: newsletters, promotions, and thank you notes. These things may seem simple, but they have a large impact on the way your customers perceive you.

Thank you notes are a simple way to make a customer feel special and know you appreciate their business. When someone feels special and appreciated, they tell others. A Thank you can be as simple as an email or a hand written thank you card. However you choose to do this, keep the customer in mind.

Promotions are a great way to drum up business. By sending an exclusive promotion to past customer you again make them feel special. Remember to always have a reason behind the promotion. The reason could be as simple as “we’ve run out of room” or more personal such as ‘My wife’s tired of my piles, please help clear out my closets’.  Putting a reason behind a sale or promotion can drive up business as much as 20%.

Newsletters are a good way to keep your clients interacting and up to date with your business. Giving out information on new products is only a small piece of this puzzle. The main draw and what will keep your customers reading your newsletter over time is to have articles that interest your customers. This can be a time consuming process because you have to stay current on market trends, new and existing ideas and anything and everything else relating to your market and products. Your readers are going to be relying on you to keep them informed, so in turn keep yourself informed.

There are many other ways to maintain a connection with your clients. Do what feels right to you and your business. Never forget that your customers are working for you only when they feel a connection. If you want the word of mouth advantage, work for it.

What are the results you’ve had with these methods?  What other methods have you tried that are effective?  We can all benefit from each other’s suggestions!




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