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Write Effective Sales Copy

Sales copy, for those unfamiliar with the term, is structured text that entices people to buy. Though the most common form of sales copy is advertising, that is not the only form it can take. Articles, blogs and websites use sales copy as well as other mediums. You don’t need to hire a fancy marketing firm to write your sales copy. Just follow some basic principles and use your creativity.

Know the product: What is it? How much does it cost? Where can they buy it?

Know the target audience: How old are they? How will this product affect them?

If readers do not see the value in your product in the first few sentences, they will move on. In that short space you must convey everything above, using words everyone can understand. Always be sure to include where the product is available and why they need your product.

If the sales copy you want to create happens to be a full page in length, it is still important to convey what the product or service is and why they need it, but you do have a little more time to get to the price and place of purchase. Do not be fooled, you still have to grab your audience in the first few sentences.

There are many tricks to grabbing the attention of your audience. Some people like to use stories, while others like reverse psychology. However you choose to capture their attention, be honest and forthcoming. Learn what you can about your audience and their triggers. What pulls them to buy? Study the sales copy of your competitors and see what might be working for them. Use keywords that make your audience desire your product or service.


One Response

  1. Good advice. I always encourage business owners to have a crack at writing their own copy. For 1 they learn that doing it well can be hard work and they gain respect for what I do. For 2 it forces them to get clear on what their business is about and who their ideal prospects are. This would seem like common sense but especially today with online website businesses the site owner often has a vague, amorphous impression of who makes up the body of traffic to the site.

    Good copy needs to communicate clearly above all else. If the message gets through with clarity and enthusiasm – and it’s reaching the right people – results can be very, very good – even if the copy doesn’t read like the work of a pro.

    Of course with more polished offerings it makes sense to bring in a writer who specializes in writing polished copy.

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