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Know Your Product’s Value

Just like every person is special, so too are the products/services you sell. Take a minute and consider that value. How are your products going to help, change, or enhance your customers’ lives? This is the information your prospects want and need in order to go from window shoppers to customers. Your prospects likely didn’t come visit your site to read a manual on what the product does. They want a clear, concise description that conveys how that product will help them. You need to address the question in their minds: Why do I need it?

Effectively describing your productss value will draw interested individuals to you. Three things that must be in the description are:

1. What is the product? Is it a DVD on sales practices or a video game for young adults?

2. Who will benefit from this product? If you’re marketing a video game, then knowing the content will tell you the audience it will benefit. Young Adults, Elementary school children, Teens…

3. What does it do? What about this product will help, change, or enhance your target customers’ lives?

Descriptions are usually only a few sentences in length because people rarely take more than 30 seconds to decide to buy. Because of that, keep the following in mind: the product name should tell what the product is. Use descriptive words, numbers, and pictures to help convey your message. Keep your product summary short, but have more information available if and when the customer is interested. Some customers never read more than the little sales blurb before buying. Always tell what the product will help, change or enhance in your customers’ lives.


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