Article Submission: A clever way to get your name out there

Are you a good writer? If so you can put that talent to work for your business by submitting articles online. A good article can generate publicity for your website. This means more traffic and more customers. There are a few good places to start looking if you want to try this. Three reputable websites are, ezinearticles,com and These three sites have some differences but they all allow your articles to get exposure from the public, which will in turn generate exposure for you, your company and your website. The first website, automatically distributes your article all over the internet. It won’t just stay at that site waiting for someone to come and view it. They specifically target directory hubs that have massive traffic from publishers who look for quality articles. They also target category specific websites regarding the topic of your article. also has an in-house team of publishers who review articles as they come in. is the second website that’s worth checking out. This site has similar content to, with some noteworthy points of interest. They have a 10 article limit for new members. However if your article meets or exceeds their expectations they will upgrade your membership status to Platinum. This means that you are allowed unlimited submissions for your articles. This site formally was a pay site, but they are currently trying out an ad-supported system in which they are able to let people submit ads without charge. They obviously want quality writers if they are going to grant this free service. is the last site that will be discussed. This site’s most notable feature is that it is free. They let registered authors submit their new articles at no charge and they allow them to view and manage their older articles as well. Their goal is to build the most comprehensive article database and submission site that is free. This may be a great choice for a smaller company that is trying to get exposure but wants to keep its overhead as low as possible. In conclusion, submitting articles can be an effective and relatively inexpensive way to boost your company’s exposure. If you’re a good writer, you can use this gift to help your business grow.


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