How to Sell Like a Rock Star

Heather Nelson and Gene Simmons of KISS and Family JewelsWhat is it that makes rock stars different from musicians who can’t sell a CD? You might answer that it’s talent, but the real difference is “presence“, a pull that makes people want to stop and listen. It’s also what we hope occurs when someone reads about our products, but if we haven’t learned to sell like rock stars, that’s probably not happening.

Let’s look at some ways we can make our ads grab the customer’s attention. As we do, we’ll also look at some things we should all avoid in marketing.

For example, if people are clicking off your website to avoid being put in a coma, it’s time to revamp your copy. It’s a lot like listening to someone sing a great song in a monotone. It may have a great message, but who’s going to stay to listen?

Look at your current website copy and ask yourself, “What can I say about my products that will make people want to know more?” Acknowledge first what your customers really need. If you’re trying to sell to a demographic with no real need for your product, you’re in the same boat as a rock star selling tickets to country music fans.

If you’ve done your market research, you’re probably selling to the right crowd, so state their need then follow with your solution. For example, “Air Conditioner Running Day and Night? Our Insulation Seals Your House Up Tight!” Awfully trite, I admit, but do you think people reading the ad know what the product will do?

It holds their attention by stating a need and offering a solution. For as long as it takes to read the ad, it’s center stage in their focus. Compare that to, “Buy Our Insulation. It’s Got an R30 Factor and It’s Relatively Inexpensive.” Snoring yet? Advertising doesn’t have to scream the message, but it at least must keep the reader awake.

Going back to musicians; some singers become great without being brash. That’s because what they have to say is so enticing. Their songs create an emotional reaction the first time we hear them. Does your marketing do that, or is it full of distracting filler?

Especially online, we only have a few seconds before the reader’s attention span has moved to the next frame. Test your copy on your own senses. If there’s no reaction from any of the five, you’ve just put your audience to sleep!

Here’s one more tip for marketing with rock star attitude. Let it carry the weight of celebrity! How many times have you purchased something because someone famous recommended it? An endorsement from someone your customers recognize will go a long way to making a sale.

If your sales aren’t where they should be, consider what I’ve said. Project a rock star image in every aspect of your marketing. That’s when you’ll really start to get their attention.


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