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Online Shopping Cart ExpertAchieve more sales in 2009 with the help of an online shopping cart! If you have a website, you need an online shopping cart!

Did you know most online shopping carts include autoresponders that you can set up in order to send “personal” messages to each new customer? Imagine easily automating your sales process and making your contacts aware of all that you can offer them!

Online shopping carts are inexpensive, a great marketing tool, and a fantastic way for businesses of any size to easily sell online. Our clients include solo-preneurs and small businesses selling all kinds of products from information materials to business seminars to gift products.

I would be happy to offer you a free 30-minute consultation about online shopping cart options, how they can be used for your business, and how to use them for optimal sales.




Affiliate Program Basics

Champion Assistant Virtual Business Team

Champion Assistant Virtual Business Team

An affiliate program is one website paying another website to send traffic their way. The referring website will make a commission of the sale, click or lead. Depending on how the company structures their commission will depend how the referrer is paid. Some are structured so that they pay based on a percentage or dollar amount of the sale. Others are paid based on how many people use that affiliate link or are actual leads from that link. It is a way of rewarding that person for referring business to them. This is also considered online marketing.

You are probably wondering how this all works. It is quite simple really. Once someone chooses to be an affiliate, they simply contact the company, get their affiliate button and/or site link to place on their website, and wait for the button to start being used. Of course the more traffic to your website, the more people that might click on that affiliate button.

The best way to find an affiliate program that you might be interested in adding to your website is to either look at websites that you have a genuine interest in or you can look at directories of affiliate programs. One great affiliate directory is Commission Junction. This affiliate directory allows you to link up to many different affiliate programs and Commission Junction does all the work. This way you can be an affiliate of many websites without putting a lot of time and effort into it or clutter up your website with a lot of links and buttons.

Why Use A Shopping Cart?

Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself when considering adding an online shopping cart to your website:

· Do I have products that I am currently selling to my customers or do I want to be selling products online to my customers? If so, what are you using currently for your customers to purchase that product?

· How streamlined is my process for ordering my products online? Do your customers have to wait till you go in and send a follow up e-mail? Does the customer have to jump through hoops to order the product?

· Do I want to spend less time on the ordering process and more time on my business? Do you have the extra time to be spending on the ordering process or could you be spending it on more important tasks and projects?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself. An online shopping cart can help you to streamline the order process and your customer will be more inclined to purchase from you. A shopping cart will also allow you to set an auto responder with any message you want your customers to have. This could be a thank you after a purchase, a note about an upcoming sale, information about the product or how to download a virtual product.

It is also important to remember that we are all very busy in our businesses and any tool that we can use to streamline processes, we should take advantage of. An online shopping cart will help you to be more productive and your customers will be much happier with their buying experience.

Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Sales and Marketing SuperConference 2008

Heather Nelson and Bill Glazer at the SuperConferenceWow! What an amazing conference last week in Nashville! I’m a Gold+ member of the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle and attended the Gold+ reception before the conference, which was a wonderful introduction to what was yet to come. At the reception I was able to meet quite a few highly motivated business owners and learn a little about what makes their businesses tick.

There were about 1200 or so people in total attending, and the conference rooms were bursting with energy and excitement. I’ll be writing more about the individual presenters and strategies discussed in additional posts as well as in my next newsletter. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to purchase my detailed conference notes. Lessons and strategies from the greats including Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy, Nido Qubein, Gene Simmon (yes, the lead singer from Kiss), George Ross (Donald Trump’s chief negotiator, and seen on the Apprentice), and so many others are priceless. Your business definitely needs these in your toolkit!

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