How To Delegate With Authority

Have you ever heard the old expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Well that expression is absolutely true. It’s also true that it wasn’t built by one person either. A team can accomplish much more than any single person ever could. It may be in some of our natures not to want to delegate. The urge to handle everything ourselves may be caused by a desire to control or it may be a trust issue. Letting someone help you can be tough, it can be even tougher when it’s your own company that’s being worked on.

Most people have the goal of expanding their companies into something bigger and more successful. The thing that they need to keep in mind is that no really big company is 100% run by one person. Companies like these are powered by teams of people, not individuals. Having a team in your company can help you too. The bigger a company becomes, the more delegating becomes important. Here are some tips that any team leader should follow.

Make sure your team is composed of specialists. Each member should excel at something. The idea is to make your team good at everything they need to be good at. Think of a sports team. In any sports team, each position is filled with someone who excels at that position, not someone who only understands the basics of the game.

Communication is key! If you have a great team, but there is no communication, all of their skills are wasted. Everyone will be working, but there won’t be any unity. This defeats the entire concept of teamwork. Any team that lacks communication is just a group of individuals and will not work as a team.

A great team requires great leadership. Any team needs a leader who can motivate the group, foresee problems and take corrective actions when needed. A leader can’t just sit back and expect the team to be self regulating.




Is a 4-hour work week attainable?

In 4-hour workweek, Timothy Ferris talks about how building a team gets overwhelming because they become dependent on you for information that you keep stuck in your head.  The freedom truly comes when you make people completely responsible for completing a task, give them appropriate authority, and ownership for completing the task.  Being able to fully deligate is a skill most of us need to develop and put into practice.  In working with a VA, delegating is essential.  When you delegate, you put yourself in the position to do what you are best at, and allow another expert to take on the rest.

Also, using a VA saves time both initially and in the long-run.  Initially, you save time because you are dealing with a professional already trained on software and technologies needed for projects.  Plus, they have experience working on projects similar to yours with other clients.  In the long run, you save time because a VA is able to perform tasks for you as part of a routine process, and in so doing able to take on even more assignments from you.  You can really maximize efficiencies by communicating clearly and delegating anything you don’t have to do yourself.  With excellent delegation skills and a great VA, perhaps a 4-hour work week is possible!

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