Champion Assistants NEW International Division

Champion Assistants globalteamChampion Assistants is proud to announce its new International division dedicated to international clients expanding their businesses to the US.  We’ve always enjoyed working with our overseas clients in the UK, Poland and New Zealand, so we are very pleased to be expanding and offering our services globally.

Our International division is dedicated to “Connecting Businesses with Opportunities”.  To us, this means building relationships, offering executive support and representing our international clients here in the US as their satelite office.  Our service offerings include:

  • Executive Office Support – Virtual US headquarters for foreign companies, trade mission assistance, trade show follow-up, correspondence, scheduling, lead and inquiry management.
  • Business Analysis – Business process analysis, process optimization, change management.
  • Sales Strategy – Sales strategy definition and implementation, prospect identifying and targeting, CRM software management, affiliate management.
  • Marketing Strategy – Direct mailings, press releases, newsletters, online networking, blogs, customer forum maintenance and moderation.
  • Web Design – Web design based on strategic business requirements, online shopping carts , website localization, Web 2.0, SEO Search Engine Optimization.
  • Business Translations – Spanish, Chinese, Japanese (manuals, websites, documents, meetings, interviews, correspondence, proposals).

Champion Assistants has the aim of supporting international business efforts to ensure long-term success in the American market.  From our strategic sales and marketing to our executive support, we work with our customers to customize services to their needs.  Please visit our website or contact us today to find out more specific information.




Operating Strategies – The Human Connection

Champion Assistants Business NegotiationThe last tip I will share with you for overcoming any economy is to focus. Know where your company is going, what your goals are and how you plan to reach them. Never forget your customers, but reward them again and again. Always keep in mind that business is more than a word, it’s an emotional connection. Every sale is someone saying, yes I like this product/service and it is up to you to maintain a connection with that someone. Letting these connections in on your goals through promotions or incentives is a great way to make them feel special and desire to do business with you again. Keep the customers you have, find a way to reach the customers you want and above all stay true to your core business.

As human beings we are driven by a need to connect with each other. In business this is referred to as the Know, Like, Trust connection. In essence we do business with the people and companies we know, the products/services we like, and we trust that those businesses, products, and/or services will be as good as advertised. If the trust link is broken, it is extremely difficult to re-earn that trust. The only advise I will give in this area is to be honest in your dealing and truthful in your advertising. Give your clients as much information about the products/services as you can so they know what they are getting into from the start.

I hope the information you have learned in this series of articles assists you in creating a lean, economically sound strategy for your business.


Operating Strategies – Expanding Your Market

Champion Assistant Virtual Business Team

Champion Assistant Virtual Business Team

The first three articles in this series spoke about your current business practices and ways to increase their productivity. Now we are going to change gears a bit and ponder a bit on expanding as a way to increase your potential. Yes, even in a time of recession there are ways to expand your reach and your business. Considering a new market is a good way to refine how you reach your current market as well as increase your pool of available customers. Expanding does not have to mean spreading yourself thin or revamping your entire company ideal. In fact it should be more about refining that ideal and finding other avenues to accomplish your goals.

Do you sell overseas? Have you thought about it? It doesn’t take much to market to an international market, but it does take planning. Consider contacting some of the expat communities around the globe. Even if you don’t market all out, this is a great base to make aware of your offerings. Expats living in foreign language countries still buy in their mother language and often want products that are familiar to them. You don’t need to translate everything in order to deal internationally. You just have to know the rules. Be aware of customs fees and regulations before you begin to market yourself abroad. Customs fees vary by country, but it makes sense to look into that and if the barrier to export is low, take advantage of the opportunity!

If you don’t want to expand internationally, consider what other markets in your area might have an interest in your products or services. Talk with online and offline communities to get their reactions and ideas. Expanding interest in your products/services does take effort and research. Before making any changes do your homework and talk with other business owners catering to the markets you are considering expanding into. Use their knowledge to decide what avenue is best for your company.

The last article in this series will be on the human connection and how it affects your business and how you reach your goals.


Operating Strategies – Referrals

virtual_meetupReferrals are the best way to increase business with little to no expense. Referrals are about networking with other people, other businesses. Make a connection, allow these businesses and people to know who you are, what you do and why you do it. Allow them to work for you so you can focus on making more connections.

You know your products or services are intended for a specific audience, find where that audience hangs out or live and find a way to work with other businesses that cater to that crowd. Don’t be afraid to talk with businesses marketing to the same market. What you do may compliment what they do and so referrals back and forth will be forthcoming. Don’t ignore competitors as a source of referrals. Often we view similar businesses as competitors, when we should focus on what is unique about our own business and view our competitors as partners in our success. Competitors spur us to do better, and we can also pass along referrals when things unique to them/us come along.

Even your past customers can be a source of referrals. Word of mouth referrals are wonderful because they come from someone who has used your services and obviously liked that service enough to recommend it to someone else. In cases where a former customer refers new business to you, it is a good idea to send a Thank you to that customer for their support. Maintaining a connection with past customers not only makes them feel special, it makes them want to be repeat customers. We don’t do business with people who are rude, belittle us, or make us feel poorly. We do business with people we know, like and trust. Build that trust and you build a solid referral network in the process.

The next article will focus on expanding your market. I hope it will inspire you to consider the possibilities!

Operating Strategies – The Media Advantage

newsMedia is more than the local newspaper. It’s a network of information resources that every human being utilizes on a daily basis. Media is everywhere! Traditionally media was defined as belonging to the associated press, but in recent time the internet has changed that definition. Today, media refers to any and all information resources including blog posts, social networks, search engine front pages as well as the traditional TV, newspapers and magazines. Learning to use the media to your advantage is what will separate your company from your competition. Be-friend the press!

Champion Assistants sister company Holiday Assistant is booming after being voted ‘Best of the City’ by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine and getting front page press in several newspapers. Their reputation is soaring higher than ever and orders are flowing in. All this because they befriended the media! (for more information Holiday Assistants visit

Make yourself known to the local press through press releases and other media opportunities. Let them know about the charity work you do, the unique services and products you offer and the ways you share those unique products/services with others. Be specific, be unique, and don’t be afraid to speak up. If your local community has an issue that you or your company might be able to solve, let them know. One of the best ways to get the media on your side is to share information. Offer to write a column for them on a topic their readers are interested in. Use your blog to keep others informed and don’t be afraid to share your knowledge. 

Another great place to share your knowledge and ideas are in social networks such as Facebook and Biznik. Connecting with likeminded business professionals can open doors to new markets and new media outlets. If you don’t let people know you’re here, you won’t be here for long.

Tomorrow we’ll look into referrals and how they can affect the flow of business!

Operating Strategies for Surviving the Economic Slump

connectingLarge businesses are scaling back and the bubble looks to have burst, but don’t count yourself out just yet. There are ways to succeed where others have failed. In fact, smaller companies have a better chance of surviving an economic slump than larger corporations because change is that much easier to implement. Corporations have layers of processes that slow down their reaction times. Smaller companies have fewer layers and so are able to react much faster and with much more accuracy. Over the next few days we will share 5 elements that you can implement in your business to not only stay in business, but to flourish!

One of the easiest ways to react is to operate lean. That’s all well and good, but what does it mean? Operating lean is a way of managing your operations, budgets, and processes so they are as effective as possible at as little expense as possible. This means in essence cutting the fat. If you’re paying for a service you don’t use, stop! If you’re a member of an organization that you never meet and get nothing from, drop them. If you don’t have enough work for a full-time employee, think about hiring a part-time contractor. Cut out both the employee expenses and the wasted time you spend every day finding work for that person to do.

Streamlining your business is the simplest way to increase productivity and profits. You know what you do best and where you need to focus. If you consider all the extra tasks you are doing in addition, it becomes obvious that a little help could in fact help to increase the bottom line instead of pulling it out from beneath you. Consider out-sourcing the tasks that are wasting your valuable time and energy. Professional VA’s work towards achieving your business goals and require little more than instructions on the task to be completed and a deadline for completion. There’s no need to supervise, to walk through each task step by step, or deal with breaks and habits that grind at your nerves.

We’ll see you tomorrow when we delve into the media advantage…

Customers Speak with their Feet

Champion Assistants - Sales Strategy Virtual AssistantsHave you ever had a customer tell you upfront that they are leaving because of poor customer service, underestimated delivery times, poor quality products or because they don’t like the way you format your e-mail responses to them?  If you have, lucky you!   You would be lucky to receive feedback upfront and have the opportunity to repair the relationship.  If you haven’t, you are with the majority whose customers speak with their feet.  Most times customers won’t give feedback upfront, and will instead take their business elsewhere.

It isn’t easy giving negative feedback, even if it’s constructive.  Especially for customers who receive offers from your competition, both local and international, it is much easier for them to take their business elsewhere than give you the opportunity to improve.  Customers generally only leave after a long time of feeling under-appreciated or frustrated and your competitor has addressed their need.  Sometimes you don’t even know your customer has left because they simply took their business elsewhere without giving notice.  They used their feet.

Oftentimes it isn’t price or competition that drives competitors away.  It’s perceived indifference.  When a customer perceives that their business is not valuable to you or they feel like they aren’t be handled like valued customers, they are more easily swayed to using another provider.  When it comes right down to it, prioduct or service is just part of the equation – customer experience makes all the difference.

What can you do to make your customers feel like they are the precious gems they are?

1. Let them know you value them!  Send occasional thank you’s just because they are a client.  Especially after they have made a large purchase, let them know how much you appreciate their business and how you will help them.  One thing my clients appreciate is that I send them a gift card for something special each year on their anniversary of being a Champion Assistants client.

2. Address their needs.  Make sure your products and services are tailored to your clients.  One size does not always fit all and customers appreciate individual attention.  Nobody appreciates being a customer ID number.

3. Offer proactive support.  Anticipate your customers needs and offer explanations of how you products or services work and the best ways to use them.  Especially if you sell products, make sure your customers know all the benefits and offer your support and guidance in installation.

4.  Make payment expecations clear.  Making payment easy for customers is essential.  There are few things more frustrating than researching a product, going through the sales process and then having a difficult purchase experience!  Offering various payment options and even payment cycles is helpful.

5. Ask for their business.  It’s important to involve your customers in your business by letting them know you appreciate them and are available to provide them with information and answer their questions.  What is also important is to follow up to find out what additional needs they have in case you offer other products or services that address those as well.

It’s infinitely easier to keep current customers happy than constantly be prospecting for new ones.  Treat your customers like the gems they are and they will appreciate your business as valuable to them.